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What We Do

CARMERA provides real-time 3D maps and navigation-critical data for autonomous vehicles, as well as 3D scene reconstruction and site analytics data for professionals in architecture, construction, real estate and other built environment segments.

We are liberating urban intelligence, deeper, faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

The real-time, street-level intelligence platform for everyone

Our Products

CARMERA Site Intelligence

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Sample Point Cloud

CARMERA Site Intelligence provides comprehensive, 3D reconstruction and site analytics data, on-demand. Whether designing a building, managing construction logistics, locating the best site for a retail client, or monitoring areas of interest, you will make better decisions at a fraction of the time and cost, from anywhere in the world.

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Features & Pricing

Starting at $499 per export

  • Colorized 3D point clouds (sample)
  • High granularity spherical imagery & viewer (sample)
  • Compatible with CAD/GIS programs
  • Feature extraction (road, curb, facade, etc.)
  • Up to sub-centimeter accuracy
  • Global georeferencing
  • Observed pedestrian analytics (coming soon)
  • Updated monthly to seasonally or on-demand

CARMERA Autonomous Map

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Autonomous Map

CARMERA Autonomous Map provides real-time 3D maps and navigation-critical data for autonomous vehicles. Automotive OEMs, mobility platforms, logistics companies and researchers can benefit from four core building blocks of machine-readable, sensor-agnostic data to validate vehicle localization and improve routing decisions, based on real road conditions.

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  • 3D roadway reconstruction with dimensional feature extraction
  • Traffic points-of-interest (signs, crosswalks, etc.)
  • Lane-level routing graph
  • Real-time event feed (construction, closures, etc.)

We believe in democratizing access to data that benefits many, and doing so responsibly. We blur and purge original data that may contain sensitive information. We view privacy as a core company function. See more about our policies here.

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