Road intelligence
powering safe autonomy for all.

We build high-definition, fully regenerative maps for the world’s leading developers of autonomous vehicles.

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Our Approach

Comprehensive. Dynamic. Scalable. Interoperable.

CARMERA Autonomous Maps are purpose-built to support core Localization, Perception, and Planning decisions for autonomous vehicles in all environments, maximizing safety, and reliability.


Used by some of the world’s most advanced mobility companies, CARMERA maps are production-ready, supporting all levels of autonomy—including fully driverless—today.

Real-Time Change

CARMERA maps regenerate within minutes and hours instead of months or years to reflect navigation-critical events, like construction work and and traffic signals, with always-on accuracy.


By using consumer-grade cameras from our fleet partners and customer vehicles to detect and log change, we reduce the cost of map maintenance by 100x and scale coverage across all road types.


We don’t sell hardware or impose proprietary data formats. We use your sensors and automatically translate data into your schemas, avoiding unnecessary integration, latency and lock-in.


Regenerative, end-to-end.

Our network of commercial fleet–mounted visual probes and our core automation capabilities make CARMERA the only service that can regenerate HD maps for navigation-critical events and road inventory change, scalably and in real-time.

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Our Offering

Tightly integrated and flexibly modular.

The CARMERA Autonomous Map suite is a full-stack offering consisting of highly versatile base maps, coupled with the most sophisticated change-management solution in the industry. Customers can also work with individual modules depending on current and future need.

HD Base Maps

HD Base Maps

Change Management

Change Management

Featured Case Study


Learn how Toyota’s TRI-AD unit and CARMERA are using production Toyota cameras to crowdsource maps at scale in diverse, complex environments around the world such as downtown Tokyo.

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