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We combine cost-effective base maps with crowdsourced, camera-based change management to create maps that always provide you the highest level of accuracy and completeness.

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Our Process

Scalable technology. Safer results.

We've built our technology with a singular focus: deliver scalable L4 production-grade, HD-quality maps with tightly integrated updates, all while remaining source and format agnostic.

Source-agnostic base-map creation

1. Source-agnostic base-map creation

HD base maps are created using LiDAR + RGB scans from our global surveying partners or your sources.

Fleet-crowdsourced change

2. Fleet-crowdsourced change

Maps are constantly updated via our always-on commercial fleet partners or your own cameras.

Format-agnostic delivery

3. Format-agnostic delivery

Data is instantly translated into your desired map schema and delivered in-vehicle and/or OTA as preferred.

Our Philosophy

Artificial intelligence. Human understanding.

HD maps provide the core building blocks for AV “cognition”—Knowledge, Wisdom, and Foresight—and allow autonomous vehicles to approach the three key driving decisions with a human-like level of sophistication, complexity, and nuance.


Where exactly am I?

HD maps help AVs locate themselves with much greater accuracy and reliability, and in difficult environments.


Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?

HD maps help AVs interpret their environment, allowing them to verify real-time sensor readings against a high-quality source of truth.


What should I do next?

HD maps help AVs plan for the road ahead, by anticipating risks and providing navigation options beyond the immediate sensor horizon.

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