Road intelligence
powering autonomy and mobility for all.

We maintain the maps that move the world, from HD maps for automated driving to consumer maps for human navigation.

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Our Approach

Temporally dense. Globally scalable.
Platform agnostic. Industrial grade.


We provide high frequency change management for map platforms, serving key safety, economics, UX and efficiency requirements that support the future of automated driving, mobility-as-a-service and consumer navigation.


By using consumer-grade cameras from our fleet partners and customer vehicles to detect and log change, we reduce the cost of map maintenance by orders of magnitude and can cover nearly all road types, from urban canyons to rural highways.


We don’t sell hardware or impose proprietary black box systems. We can use our own national sensor networks and/or leverage yours, and translate data into your schemas, avoiding integration, latency and lock-in risks.


Used and vetted by some of the world’s most rigorous technology evaluators within Automotive and Big Tech, our data is production-ready, supporting all levels of end use—right up through fully autonomous driving—today.


End-to-end map regeneration from detection to delivery.

Our network of commercial fleet–mounted visual probes and our core automation capabilities make CARMERA the only provider that can regenerate HD maps for navigation-critical events and road inventory change, scalably and in near real-time.

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Inventory Change Events

CARMERA identifies permanent road changes—like alterations to signs, signals and lane markings—and makes corresponding updates to both HD and SD maps.

Closure Events & Map Regeneration

Temporary traffic-impacting events, like construction, are also incorporated into the map to ensure smooth, safe and efficient navigation.

Our Offering

Tightly integrated. Flexibly modular.

The CARMERA offering consists of three components: detection APIs that identify map-impacting events, new vector APIs that deliver map updates, and base maps supplied by you or provided by us. Event feeds can be fully integrated with the other components or consumed modularly.

Inventory Change Events

(sign, traffic signal deltas)

Road Closure Events

(construction work zones, blockages)

Regenerated Map Data

(new point, line, polygonal vectors)

SD or HD Base Map

(provided by customer or CARMERA)



Learn how Toyota’s TRI-AD unit and CARMERA are using production Toyota cameras to crowdsource maps at scale in diverse, complex environments around the world such as downtown Tokyo.

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