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Change happens fast. Make sure your maps can keep up with CARMERA’s Change-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform.

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Your eyes on the road.

With its flexible architecture, our CaaS platform is built to handle a wide range of mapping applications—from the consumer apps of today to the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow—all while delivering the accuracy and reliability that has made us a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading automotive companies.

CARMERA CaaS Automotive Mapping Solution

Automotive Mapping

More efficient map maintenance

Our camera-based crowdsourcing approach captures more data with fewer passes for map updates that are faster, cheaper and richer than those from trace data or OEM cameras. We provide both change detection alerts (e.g., signs, markings, signals, boundaries, poles) and full HD vector updates to optimize your operations and limit costly LiDAR surveys.

CARMERA CaaS Consumer Mapping Solution

Consumer Mapping

Richer map detail

Use CARMERA CaaS to add or update streetscape inventory data to your maps to create the rich experience your users want. Update features, including navigation signs, traffic signals and road connectivity, to improve end uses like efficient routing and natural language directions, all without fielding expensive survey vehicles or dealing with the hassle of data storage and security.

CARMERA CaaS Shared Mobility Solution

Shared Mobility

Better path planning

CARMERA’s CaaS platform delivers near real-time updates for fast-moving street activity, like construction and road closures, for faster navigation and more accurate route pricing. CARMERA’s real-time data can also be added to your driver app for a “stickier,” more valuable in-app experience.


Game changing change detection.

Our unique approach combines the accuracy and detail of high definition video with the efficiency and scalability of crowdsourcing, unlocking a host of benefits regardless of your mapping application.


CARMERA’s cameras capture things that others miss, like changes in sign attributes and traffic impact, allowing for more robust map updates.


With a network of first-party drivers, CARMERA can directly dispatch probe vehicles to areas of interest, for quicker updates of critical areas.


By only using opt-in data from commercial fleets, and auto-purging raw video, we avoid the problems associated with consumer data collection.


Our I/O-agnostic approach works with your stack, meaning we never handcuff you to proprietary hardware or force you into our formats or workflows.


Unlike trace data, CARMERA’s video data can be sampled and reviewed to verify accuracy rates and ensure you’re getting the highest quality updates.


We’re B2B to the bone. We don’t have a consumer app up our sleeve or a robotaxi on our roadmap, so you can be confident our only goal is your success.

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